Everything about the Amazon Cloud

Cloud computing has been growing stronger and stronger for a good few years now. Silicon Valley giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google are all reporting huge incomes from the cloud solutions they offer. Who is the target of such solutions and why do companies gravitate towards Amazon above all the other providers? It’s a simple matter of who can do it first and keep the tempo. And so they do.

The importance of hyperscale

The most important concept in cloud computing is, by far, “hyperscale”. The ability to provide and add resources such as computing, memory, networking and storage to an already existing system without having to stop or make a drastic change. Hyperscale computing is necessary to build a scalable cloud, big data and distributed storage systems and it is often associated with the infrastructure required to run large online sites. Amazon, with its data centres bigger and way more efficient than they actually need, started renting some of their infrastructure capacity to developers and companies all over the world. Anyone can literally pay Amazon and get access to almost unlimited computing power. It means that small companies can make their software at much larger scales, spending less money and not worrying about maintaining a data centre.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon is providing companies with two types of cloud solutions. The first, most basic one is the “IaaS” – Infrastructure as a Service, where companies are allowed to set up their virtual servers and storage in Amazon’s data centre. The second layer is the “PaaS” – Platform as a Service. This one is much broader and more developed, as it’s a set of tools and services that developers are given to build an application or a website without thinking about the servers. Many successful developers have been Amazon’s customers since the very beginning, with Netflix and Airbnb being just some of the examples. What exactly does Amazon offer?

peak from the clouds

The solutions

There are many services that one could buy and utilise from Amazon Cloud Solutions. They include website and web application hosting, backup and disaster recovery, data archiving, DevOps for building products, Big Data applications, Serverless Computing, IoT, content delivery, e-commerce and many many more. Main pros? They are all good, reliable services that aid both small and big developers and companies. There is no middle ground, no doing the bare minimum – Amazon is the place to go for any developers looking for a solid cloud solutions. No fuss, just secure service. If you are interested in modern technology of AWS please feel free to contact https://pro4people.com.