GP careers – start your job in United Kingdom

To start a GP career in the UK, one must endure multiple years in college and special training courses. The process is very competitive and as such, it may be too much for some people. However, a GP job is one to give a good amount of job satisfaction once you complete all the trainings and actually start working. Here’s how to start your job as a GP in the United Kingdom.

If you are a citizen or plan to move to the UK to study

First, you need to sort out your degree in medicine. Medical degrees are available at undergraduate level which takes five years to complete and at graduate level that takes four years.

During your student years, your motivation and commitment will be rigorously assessed, so be prepared to pass all the necessary test and exams such as the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT). Following your medical degree comes a two-year foundation course of general training. This would prepare you to take care of patients by allowing you to take supervised responsibility over them.

Once you’ve completed the first year, you can be granted full registration by the GMC. After year two you will be ready to enter the general practice training programme which will take up to three years. At the end you will be required to pass the exams for membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners and will then be awarded the Certificate of Completion of Training which will give you the right to enter the GMC GP Registry and start applying for dream jobs.


If you are not from the UK, but still in the EEA

Your education is as valid as the courses you’d get in the UK. Medicine is such a hard area to study that once you complete the course in your country, the UK has no right to undermine your knowledge. However, they may require you to pass some additional exams to check your actual value. Before you start looking for a GP career in the UK, you need to get registered by the GMC.

They will need to see your qualifications on paper and assess if you can actually practice as a doctor in the UK.

Once you get cleared, go looking for employment agencies dealing with candidates for doctors and GPs and do your best to get a job. It will be worth the effort.